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Rocks and Minerals

Rock Cycle Activity

Minerals Skeleton Notes

Minerals- Slides

Minerals WS

Intro Unit

The Scientific Method WS

Steps of the Scientific Method-Notes_Handout

Air Temperature Lab

Density Problem Set

Density Calculations- Slides

Practicing Measurement Skills WS

Measuring Length & Volume WS

The Metric System- Earth Science- Slides

The Metric System- Skeleton Notes

Rounding Decimals & Metric Conversions- Slides

Rounding Decimals & Metric Conversions- Skeleton Notes

Rounding Numbers w-Decimals & Metric Conversions WS

Brain Stretcher Graphing- Part 2

Brain Stretcher Graphing- Part 1

Earth Systems Concept Map

Earth Systems Science_Notes

Earth Nature’s Storehouse

Earth Science Summer Homework

Earth Science Course Syllabus 2019-2020